Banks Cannot Discriminate between Customers in Different Branches- RBI

2 July 2013

With the advent of Core Banking Solution (CBS) in the banking system banks are able to provide services to their customers through any of their branches. However some banks have been giving the raw deal to customers from other branches of the same bank. RBI has advised banks to treat customers of all branches equally.

Many banks have the practice of discriminating services to customers from 'non-home' or 'non-base' branch and charge them for services which are otherwise offered free to customers having account in the same branch, referred to as 'home' branch or 'base' branch. 

Banks charge small fee called Inter-Sol for products and services like funds transfer, cash withdrawal, cash deposit etc to customers. Some of these are offered free to customers of 'base' branch or are charged lower. These charges are disclosed on banks' website. RBI has advised banks against having differential Intersol charges and keep all charges uniform for customers from any branch under CBS. 

Moreover RBI has clarified that banks cannot charge customers Intersol charges for cash handling, ie cash withdrawal and cash deposit, since Intersol charges are levied only for using CBS or internet platform of banks.

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