Banks Not to Staple or Write on Note Bunches- RBI Clean Note Policy

The RBI sent out a circular to banks yesterday asking them to stop the practice of stapling together or writing on note packets and issuing soiled notes to customers. Banks have been directed to follow RBI's Clean Note Policy.

Stapling notes into bundles is quite a common practice in banks. Some even find the watermark on notes a convenient place to write number of notes in a bundle. These practices should be avoided because they spoil the water mark, damage notes and reduce the life span of notes.

RBI's Clean Note Policy requires banks to do three things:

-  do away with stapling of note packets and instead secure note packets with paper bands 

-  sort notes into re-issuables and non-issuables, and issue only clean notes to public 

-  stop writing on watermark window of bank notes 

Clean Note Policy was not formulated yesterday; in fact it was first issued to banks in 2001. Once in a while even banks need to be reminded of what they need to do! And as users we can resolve not to indulge in these practices ourselves.

Moreover if a bank issues soiled notes you can return it to them instead of circulating it around. Banks are supposed to segregate good notes and bad notes and send soiled notes to the RBI.

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